Make Money By Playing PUBG Mobile

Earn Money With Playing PUBG Mobile

Hey, if you are looking for the ways to Make Money By Playing PUBG Game, then you are at the right place. In this page, you are going to learn some tips and tricks to make money by playing PUBG Mobile or PUBG PC. So please read the full article till the end to never miss any secrets.

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Making money is not an easy task for all. Everyone in life will make a way to make money that needs. But as a student, it is hard to make money from any source. PUBG Mobile or PUBG PC is a video game, as you know. Mostly students play PUBG Mobile because it is free to download and play.

Playing any game is for entertainment. You can’t make a profession by playing a video game. But what happens if I say you can make money by entertaining others? That means you can make a profession on gaming and earn huge money on gaming.

Here I listed some ways how you can earn real money with zero investment or meagre investment. As a student, you can afford the investment I sure.

Earn Money by Playing PUBG Game (List):

  • YouTube
  • Tournament


YouTube is the second search engine after Google. People now search for anything on YouTube rather than Google. It is because the video is 10X better than a text for learning purposes. On YouTube, you can any types of video content. So it is an easy way to learn something within a few minutes.

As you know on YouTube, any types of video content are available. So you can get a gaming category. You can see people uploads gameplay video, tips and tricks of a game or do a live stream. You may have question why they do that. Because doing live stream or uploading a video is a time-consuming process. Then why you can watch a live stream or watch a video for free?

The reason is they are making good money on it. Yes, you are not paying to the YouTubers, but still, they earn revenues. The primary income of a YouTuber is ads. When you play a video, you can see ads shows. While watching the video, another announcement will play automatically. When you click on ads they will make revenue. Even you don’t click ads they will still make money.

Video Upload:

So why you don’t start a YouTube channel? It is free to create a YouTube channel and video uploads. You just need an internet connection and a smartphone. As you are playing the PUBG game, that means you have internet connection and device. Just record your gameplay and edit it. Then upload to YouTube. If your gameplay is good and people can learn gameplay from yours, then you must get views and subscribers.

There is a milestone of 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of total watch time from last year. If you complete it, the monetization will enable on your channel. Then the ads will show, and finally, you can make money.

It is a very long time journey, I know. But trust me, you can build a stable earning source from a YouTube channel.

Live Stream:

Now let’s talk about Live Stream on YouTube. You can see many players do live stream on youtube and get many views on real-time. That chats running at the button and the YouTuber replay to members message. So chats are highlighted, and their money added. That is call super chat.

If you like a YouTuber and he is on a live stream, you can send a highlighted message so that the message is readable to him/her. But to send a highlighted message you have to spend some money. Giving more money will highlight your message for more time. Then the possibility of reading the letter will increase.

So that is how you are donating money to the YouTuber. So if you do live stream and people want to talk to you, they will super chat, and the money will add to your YouTube account. You can withdraw the money into real cash. The significant earning of a gaming YouTuber is supper chat. They make 20X more than advertisements.

Promotion & Sponsorship:

If you have an excellent subscriber and views based youtube channel, you will start getting promotion and sponsorship. Let me tell you about it. Then you can understand easily.

Let say a new gaming smartphone launch in the market. But the smartphone company is unique. So people don’t know the company, and that is why they can’t sell more device. To do more sells they have to advertise about the smartphone.

But official advertisement like newspaper or TV is not as effective as the target audience is not much there. But as you have a gaming channel, 99% of your subscriber must be gamer or love to play games. If you tell about the new gaming smartphone, you can promote it much than other advertisement ways.

So the new smartphone company will give you the device for review. That is call sponsorship. You will use the latest equipment, and if it is the right product, then you will tell about it to the audience by a video. That is call promotion. For doing the development the new launch company will give you some money. That is how you can earn money by playing PUBG game.


The affiliate is similar to promotion. There are little bit changes of commission. Let’s say you know a gaming device. People can buy equipment from online shopping sites. If you refer to them on purchasing the device, they shopping sites will give you revenue for each sell.

If you have substantial fan followers and they trust on you. Put a referral link on the video description. People will click the link and buy the product. You will get a commission from there. Trust me the revenue of affiliate if very good.


If you want to earn money by playing PUBG game within an hour, then this method is the best for you.

When you start a match, players from different country join in it. It is an automatic system. When you click on the start button, many players like you started the match. Them PUBG server join you and 99 other players in a game.

But if you want to play with your friends then what will you do? That is why PUBG launch a custom room feature. A custom room means a dedicated server when you can only choose who can play with you. The custom room and normal match gameplay are the same. But on the custom room, you will get 100% human player, not a bot.

Some extra features make the custom room more useful. Why use a custom room?

  • Challange to friends.
  • Spectate player.
  • Tournament purpose.

Challange to friends

If you want to challenge friends to prove who is the best PUBG player, then join them into a custom room. In the place, you can add only them you want. So the challenge will be 50-50—a custom room card used for a friendly challenge.

Spectate Players:

In a classic, we can’t spectate the opponent or can’t do full angle view. But in the customs room, some player can join on spectate set but can’t play the game. He can see how the players are playing the game with full angle view. There are lots of feature in the customs room; I prefer to check yourself.

Tournament Purpose:

Then let’s talk about Tournament. You may listen about PMCO or PMIT. These are competitive tournament. The custom room used for a competitive match where the only pro plays join. If you want to participate on global competition then first join on crew challenge on PUBG Mobile. If your team perform well, then you can participate on the global tournament.

By this method some tournament host company offers tournament. They will make a custom room, and the winner will get a price. The price should be real money or any product as a gift.

To join the tournament, you have to pay a little about, and when you make chicken dinner, you will get a high price. Most of the company offers a rate per kill. That is easy to earn more.

Let me tell you in detail. If you join a tournament by Rs. 20, then you will get Rs 10 for every kill. Kill two enemy, and your money is back (Rs 20). Then every single kill will provide you Rs 10. When you make chicken dinner, the winning price will be Rs 100 or Rs 200.

If you can kill two enemies, then I will say just join the match. Push on the enemy and make the highest kill to earn more. That is a quick money making way on the topic Earn Money by playing PUBG Game.

Here are the best PUBG Tournament Apps that do tournaments. All of them are working and trustable. If you want to earn money by playing PUBG Mobile game, then install the Apps on your device.

How to Join on PUBG Tournament App Matches?

Hopefully, you download the Tournament App on your device. I use PlayerZon App, so I will tell you how to join in the match. The system of joining a game is the same. The difference is the App interface.

If you don’t download a tournament App on your device, go to the website. Then click on Download button. An APK file will download on your device. If any permission required while downloading the file, give access.

After that, open the download folder and click on the Apk file. Then click on the install button and wait some time. The installation will complete soon and then click on the done button.

Open the App in the App drawer. Then click on register now. Enter the details they want and click on the submit button. If you wish to enter the reference code type Sou1916.

Some match will show on the screen. Then click on the join button. You may require some game coin to join. You can add some game coin by paying money. Usually, one game coin requires 1 rupee.

The room ID and Password will send to the app notification and the registered phone number by SMS. So please keep the sim card on. Then open the PUBG Mobile game and click on the map section. There you can get a House icon, click on that.

Then click on join room button and enter the ID and Password you got in the SMS. Close the seat number. Do change the seat number for any time or don’t close the room. Wait for some time, and the match will start.


I play tournament on some Apps that I mention in this article. I am not a pro player, but yes, I can make 500 INR per day by playing PUBG Mobile. It is a speedy money-making way. I suggest to everyone to play a tournament to earn money by playing PUBG Game. Don’t make it addicted. Play just for fun.

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